Trattoria Italiana Contemporanea

Our cousine

We collect sea and land recipes from classics preparations to typical regional dishes, adding our contemporary touch to the flavors that have built Italian history and culture.

For example, the classic ‘Cotoletta alla milanese’ is breaded in a typical japanese panko; our ‘Bucatini all’Amatriciana’ are prepared with homemade tomato sauce and artisanal cheek lard, while fish and meat are mostly spit roasted. 

The menu changes with the seasons: the recipes are constantly revised to embrace the flavour of fresh high quality ingredients. We only use selected raw materials to always ensure an authentic and genuine experience at our table. 

Through our culinary expert techniques and attention to details, we are able to offer you the most familiar Italian flavors in a whole new look.

Spit Roasting

Spit roasting is the beating heart of our cuisine, used for both classic meat-based recipes and unusual preparation such as vegetables and fish.

 It’s an ancient grilling method based on slowly rotating a piece of meat over a live flame. This rotation allows the meat to self baste with its own juices. The meat roasts as it cooks and becomes tender and savoury while developing a perfectly crisp crust.

Our Cellar

Our wide selection of wine labels will match your experience at I Masenini through tradition and contemporaneity

Most of them are related to our Italian tradition, but other ones bring to the table the experience of European wineries or the elegance of the French Champagnes. 



A soiree at “I Masenini” is incomplete without a tasting of our spirits: an authentic passion evolved through the years, setting up a precious collection of whiskeys, including rare and ‘one of a kind’ labels.

There are also Colombian, Peruvian, and Jamaican rums, and the great French spirits such as Calvados and Armagnac.

There is obviously a collection of Italian grappas, and gin, for true enthusiasts.


“Masenar par l’avenir”

In our regional dialect this sentence has a double meaning: it promises to “save flour for the future” but also “to come to blows”. The latter meaning was adopted as a fighting motto by Masenini, a small group of “carbonari” (“charcoal-burners” – a secret revolutionary society active in Italy in XIX Century).

Their aim was to defeat the Austrian tyranny and to establish an Italian constitutional government.

Right next to our nowadays Trattoria, in 1836, there was a tavern where the ‘Masenini’ secretly met, plotted and acted to protect the ‘italianity’. We humbly stole the name of those heroes to express the pride we hold for our cuisine, which embeds in its flavours centuries of history and culture.

I Masenini restaurant is located in a very special place in the historical city centre of Verona, a few steps from the Arena, in a very quiet widening of Via Roma, just right in front of Castelvecchio, where in spring and summer guests are hosted by a flowering courtyard.

The main room inside has a vintage atmosphere, thanks to the wooden boiserie, crystal chandeliers and French prints on the wall.

Modernity is provided by the ‘Molteni’ open space kitchen: one of the very first ever created.

News from I Masenini Trattoria



Via Roma, 34
37121 Verona (VR) – Italy
Tel: 0458065169


Open everyday
Lunch: 12:30 pm – 2 pm
Dinner: 7.30 pm – 10pm

Monday for lunch and Sunday all day.


We suggest our guests the following car parks:
– CITTADELLA, Piazza Cittadella – 37122 Verona
– ARENA, Via M. Bentegodi, 8 – 37122 Verona
– ARSENALE, Piazza Arsenale, 8 – 37126 Verona

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